Ceade Mile Failte!

The Knockabouts are a Flagstaff, AZ-based Celtic band featuring John McGregor, Jacquie McGregor,Justin Lea, Stephen Broaddus , Hannah Prizznik and Mark Markley. Made up of seasoned musicians, the Knockabouts appeal to all ages and have gained international recognition by sharing the stage with such artists as Gaelic Storm, Old Blind Dogs, Munnelly and Slide Ireland. Their energy, musicianship and wit always compel the audience to be part of the show, and leave them wishing for more. 

Started in 2003 in John McGregor's kitchen, the Knockabouts have evolved into a locally treasured band, and a fixture of the Celtic music scene in Arizona. Not content to stay in Arizona, the Knockabouts have made numerous appearances across the West, including the LA Irish Festival, Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown, Aztec Highlands Celtic Festival, Durango Celtic Festival and the Moab Highland Festival.

 In Arizona, the Knockabouts have been invited to perform for a variety of events including The Big Pour, Arizona Highland Celtic Festival, Arizona Diamondbacks Irish Night, Phoenix Irish Fair and the Prescott Highland Games, just to name a few. 

Like a good whiskey, the Knockabouts are the perfect blend of time-honored tradition, bawdy good taste, rowdy energy and smooth harmonies. The Knockabouts' music brings the best of authentic Celtic music and blends it with a unique sound that can only come from a band that appreciates a good whiskey, the way the Knockabouts do.


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St.Patrick's Day

March 17, 2023

Charly's Pub, Weatherford Hotel 



It really is true! After 20 great years we have decided to go out on a high note or at least a drunk note. We are so grateful for the memories and friendships we have made along the way and it has been our honor and pleasure playing for such great people. We are having several or the early band members joining us for one last time where it all began. I would strongly suggest you get there early! We are giving away all of our remaining shirt and CD inventory so come topless and we will take care of you!



John, Jacquie, Ron, Julianne, Mark, Stephen, Justin and the rest of the Knockabouts past ... 


WInners of the Best Local Artist for 2017!

WInners of the Best Local Artist for 2017!